About ZDecor, LLC a Trusted Name In Custom Finishes

Photo finishing and decorative painting Is very popular in the home decorating market although decorating styles and trends change and wallpaper choices become more numerous there are many areas in a house that can benefit from the beauty of the original custom finishing and hand painting.

May I introduce myself ?

I am Miroslaw(Mirek) Kwiatkowski and this is my company ZDecor, LLC. We do all types of decorative painting and finishing for homes as well as commercial projects. We offer many designer finishes, including metallic, pearlescent, marbleizing, wood graining Venetian plastering, as well as “Old World and Modern looks that are so popular today.

We design custom finishes to suit the clients needs, whether for walls, ceilings, murals, columns, fireplace surrounds, accessories, kitchen countertops, cabinets, exterior entry doors , garage doors even outdoor sculptures and furniture.

We are fully insured and licensed and I have been certified as a custom faux finisher by the Decorating Masters Institute in Fort Myers, FL.

Our company is locally owned.

I personally guarantee your satisfaction since I will be working on each project.

I would like to offer our services as custom finishers and would appreciate the opportunity to Offer a quote on any of your upcoming projects.

I would be happy to schedule A complementary consultation to see what your needs are, show you my portfolio, and help you decide on a custom finish that will work for you.


Miroslaw(Mirek) Kwiatkowski

ZDecor, LLC

Committed to Your Satisfaction

At ZDecor, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We know it’s sometimes difficult to let people into your home. It’s an intimate space, and not many homeowners want strangers walking around their space.

Our team is comprised of friendly, honest, reliable, and hardworking people who you can count on to properly do the job. We respect your home and strive to make our footprint as minimal as possible. We are true to our word and will maintain open communication with you every step of the way.

All our jobs are done on time! We also provide full estimates and consultations, guaranteeing no surprises in cost or delays. For us, our number one concern is customer satisfaction.

To request your consultation, please call us, text us, or fill out our convenient online form.