Our Finishing Process

Contact us

Connect with us via email or telephone call and we will get right back to you please describe your project: space, wall or ceiling size and artwork or architectural finish you would like to be created it would be very helpful to get some pictures (your room furniture etc. )or any other visual references prior to our first meeting after our first conversation on the phone or through email we will set up a meeting for a free preliminary consultation to talk about your project.

The consultation

During our first meeting we collaborate with our client to get a better idea about our clients needs design colors textures or finishes together will discuss size style materials to be used our clients wishes and concerns we make our suggestions and depending on the project we show some samples( venetian plaster’s faux finishes and or wood finishes etc.) for our clients to choose.

The contract

After an in-depth conversation we will provide you with an estimate our estimate includes a detailed description of work to be performed, paints and other materials to be used, estimated duration of the project, labor and materials cost, payment schedule when you decide to move forward with the project please return a signed contract with the deposit check, then we can move to the design stage of the project, making samples and sketches.

Samples and sketches

During our follow up meetings and conversations we collaborate with our clients to get a better idea about our clients needs: design colors textures or finishes. we have a wide variety of samples (venetian plaster, faux finishes, wood finishes etc. )for our clients to choose. we then create custom made samples based on our client specifications. we create color or Ink sketches prior to starting murals or Trumpe L’oeil, starting with preliminary design ideas and will adjust or change them according to our clients wishes.

Project execution

Upon a clients approval of sketches and samples we schedule the project we work both on location as well as in our studio.