ZDecor, LLC should be your

First Call If You Need A Full-Service Decorative Painter

ZDecor, LLC should be your

First Call If You Need A Full-Service Decorative Painter

Fine Decorative Painting and Artistic Finishes QUALITY WORK AT REASONABLE PRICE

ZDecor, LLC a Trusted Name In Decorative Painting for Businesses and Homes.

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ZDecor provides everything you need for outstanding decorative painting results. We're color and texture experts, and we offer customized design solutions and restorations of all painted surfaces.

We offer traditional and contemporary designs, including custom murals, metallic finishes, Venetian plasters, textures, faux finishes, fine furniture finishing, and custom painting. We can create any finish you desire, including staining, glazing, antiquing, distressed painted finishes, crackle/craquelure, waxing, and lacquer finishes.

We provide superior quality decorative finishes and wood grain finishes for residential and commercial clients and interior designers. We can custom formulate paint in the exact color and finish essential to your project.

We deliver SUPERIOR QUALITY in our workmanship and painting. We commit to BRINGING YOUR VISION TO LIFE. Your SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED.

Faux Finishing

Faux FinishingFor Your Home or Business

Wood graining marbleizing old world finishes antiquing modern and contemporary.


Stenciling For Your Home or Business

We can design and create our own stencils, we can create custom motifs fit to any Decor, from one color stencil to complex patterns with several cover overlays.

Metallic Effects and Patinas

Metallic Effects and Patinas For Your Home or Business

We work with metallic paints, plasters and liquid metals , that look like real metal surface,and can be patinated with chemical solutions to get a custom look.


Gilding For Your Home or Business

We work with composition metal leafs ( gold, silver, copper ) a beautiful choice for custom ceilings, walls, arches and furniture.

Furniture Restoration

Fine Furniture and Antique Furniture Restoration and RefinishingFor Your Home or Business

We customize a variety of finishes by staining, glazing , antiquing, as well as offering distressed, crackle, craquelure, waxing and lacquer finishes to give the desired look on your precious piece.

Venetian Plaster

Venetian PlasterFor Your Home or Business

Venetian plaster and textured plasters brings style and class to every surface it covers it is a modern wall finishing that evokes a classical elegance we use a variety of plasters to achieve old world or modern and contemporary results.